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Access to the Website may involve the use of cookies, although the page may function without their use. Cookies are small files that store information in each user's browser so that the server can recognize certain information that only the server can read. Cookies last for a limited time. No cookie allows you to reveal any telephone, email or other identifying details. Cookies cannot extract any information from the user's hard drive or obtain personal information about it. The only way a user's personal information can become part of a cookie file is if the user personally gives this information to the server.

Although cookies help us optimize your reservation process, users who do not wish to receive cookies or who do not want to be informed of their visit can configure their browser for this purpose. All Internet browsers have options available in their settings that allow you to block or allow cookies from specific websites.

< td>Website operation
Our Cookies
Category / TypeCookie namePurpose
DispoParamsStores information necessary for availability search.
Website operationno_show_banernewPrevents the information banner from appearing again.
Securitycrsftoken Prevents third parties from carrying out actions on the sites we have logged in without our knowledge.
Third Party Cookies< /td>
Category / TypeThirdPurpose / Additional information
Site analysisGoogleMonitor user navigation on the web with the purpose of analyze the use made of it, detect incidents and improve usability.
Management of favorites and linksAddThis, Facebook, Google+, Twitter They allow you to share links on the most popular social networks and websites.
Third-party cookies for marketing strong>
Category / TypeThirdPurpose / Additional information
Marketing - Retargeting.Zanox, Ve Interactive, TripAdvisorAd management advertising with the best offers according to the locations in which you have been searching previously.
Marketing - Retargeting.Affilinet, Google Adwords. Sociomantic, TripAdvisorMonitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, to show messages that are relevant.

Our page and emails with HTML format may use beacons and/or cookies to compile statistics about the use of our website. A web beacon is an image placed in the message to inform us of the display of said message, with the sole objective of collecting usage statistics.

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