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Tequendama Hotel Convention and Event Center

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Convention and Event Center

Do you want to celebrate an event in Bogotá? The 29 rooms for events conventions at the Hotel Tequendama Bogotá are the ideal space for corporate and social events. With a maximum capacity for more than 1,000 people, these rooms are ideal for organizing work meetings, presentations, conventions, parties and anniversaries. We offer you the best technological equipment and specialized help to make your event a success.

The capacity will depend on the Biosafety standard in force on the date of the event.

Monserrate Tequendama Hotel Bogota


Natural light: yes
Size: 347 m²

Rojo Completo Tequendama Hotel Bogota

Rojo Completo

Natural light: no
Size: 1002 m²

Esmeralda Completo Tequendama Hotel Bogota

Esmeralda Completo

Natural light: yes
Size: 388 m²

Bolívar 1 Tequendama Hotel Bogota

Bolívar 1

Natural light: yes
Size: 104 m²

Bolívar Completo Tequendama Hotel Bogota

Bolívar Completo

Natural light: yes
Size: 351 m²

Guadalupe Tequendama Hotel Bogota


Natural light: yes
Size: 101 m²

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